The Show Must Roll On

Documenting The Show Life of Action Sports Athletes

Around the entire world, action sports athletes are seen performing and doing what they love most, but what happens after the curtain closes? What happens behind the scenes? It may not always be as perfect & glorious as it may seem… Being on the road and away from home has many challenges most would never imagine. Join us in our new video documentary showcasing everything that happens before and after showtime, because no matter what happens… The Show Must Roll On.

New Episodes

ARE YOU SERIOUS ?? A FREAKING MUD SHOW – The Show Must Roll On: Ep 22 – ATV Big Air Tour P4 Anoka

Nearly every outdoor action sports show around the entire world has been canceled when it pours rain... Until this one ...
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ATV Big Air Tour! Day 3 – QUICKEST RAMP SETUP EVER !! – Rochester – Show Must Roll On: Ep 21

Ready. Set. Go! The first time the ramp was put together it took nearly 30 minutes... Join the show team ...
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ATV Big Air Tour! Day 2 – HOTEL POOL JUMP! Towing, Autographs – Jackson – Show Must Roll On: Ep 20

PLEASE. Do not tell anyone about this. Sometimes you just want to ride your bike into a pool... Join the ...
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ATV Big Air Tour! Day 1 – Rich Kearns FMX, Ambulance, Van Mod – Maquoketa – Show Must Roll On: Ep 19

Join the show team with X-Games Athlete Rich Kearns, Adam Thene, Derek & Jon Guetter and more as they take ...
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Hop on Dustin Grice's Fat Bike for a Serious Ride! Even a massive down pouring rain storm won't stop his ...
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LIL ISAAC SLAMS ON A 20″ !! The Show Must Roll On: Episode 18 – Eagle Brook Church, MN

No matter how old you are, or how young you are, we all slam on a bike. But we all ...
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OUR FIRST TEAM ROAD TRIP !! IN OUR NEW VAN !! Show Must Roll On: Ep 17 – Hoyt Lakes Water Carnival

Pack your bags, hop in the new team van, and buckle up as The Factory heads up north to Hoyt ...
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RIDING WITH ONE PROSTHETIC LEG – The Show Must Roll On: Episode 16 – Hoyt Lakes, MN

Don't ever let anything slow you down, that's for sure. It's absolutely incredible who we all meet on tour, and ...
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WE’RE GONNA BE IN A MOVIE !! “Kid West” Behind The Scenes Jesse Mast Film – Show Must Roll On: Ep 15

The more you ride over the years, and the more events you ride in, the more well known you will ...
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OUR SKATEPARK IS FLOODED !! Checking in at The Factory Bike Park – The Show Must Roll On: Episode 14

Imagine showing up to session your favorite local skatepark and it is under water! What would you do? Would you ...
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