The Show Must Roll On

Documenting The Show Life of Action Sports Athletes

Around the entire world, action sports athletes are seen performing and doing what they love most, but what happens after the curtain closes? What happens behind the scenes? It may not always be as perfect & glorious as it may seem… Being on the road and away from home has many challenges most would never imagine. Join us in our new video documentary showcasing everything that happens before and after showtime, because no matter what happens… The Show Must Roll On.

New Episodes

TWISTERX15 SPECIAL GUEST !! The Show Must Roll On: Episode 13

Who misses TwisterX15 ?? Leave him a comment about your favorite video he has ever posted !! Join us during ...
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RIDING IN A WIND STORM !! The Show Must Roll On: Episode 12 – Dan Patch Days, Savage, MN

The majority of BMX shows take place outdoors, however what happens when the weather takes a turn for the worse ...
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HURRY GET IT FIXED !! The Show Must Roll On: Episode 11

Throughout the show season there will always be problems... However during some of these problems you may not have much ...
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KYLE GAPS INTO THE RIVER !!!! The Show Must Roll On: Episode 10 – Steamboat Days – Part 2

Any time someone sends a huge gap on a bike, everyone around will soon find out and talk about it ...
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WE LOST A WHEEL !!!! Traveling to Shows – The Show Must Roll On: Episode 9 – Steamboat Days – Part 1

Anytime there is a BMX show, you'll always need to travel to get there... Travel time could take a few ...
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Checking Out Local Skateparks !! Dike West Skatepark Fargo, ND – The Show Must Roll On: Episode 8

One of the greatest parts about traveling around doing shows is checking out all of the sick local skateparks all ...
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Riding BMX for a LIBRARY ?? SHHHH !! – The Show Must Roll On: Episode 7

We're back !! Hop on the road with Dustin Grice and little 10 year old Reed Bleymeyer as they make ...
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SKATEPARK HOTEL ?? Swamp Trog 3rd Lair Skatepark MN State Fair – The Show Must Roll On: Episode 6

Imagine performing in so many skatepark shows that you actually need to live under the ramps... What would you keep ...
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MN State Fair PRACTICE DAY !! 3rd Lair BMX & Skate Course – The Show Must Roll On: Episode 5

Welcome back to the Minnesota State Fair! This is the home of where, believe it or not, this entire YouTube ...
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MUD SHOW ???? ATV Big Air Tour Quads, Dirt Bikes, & Fat Bikes – The Show Must Roll On: Episode 4

Have you ever wanted to ride thru a big pile of MUD? Just RIP right thru it? Then get ready ...
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