Our Story

After 15 years of performing in stunt shows and events worldwide, professional rider Dustin Grice realized the world of performing had changed his life. The excitement. The adrenaline. The friends. The challenges. The memories. However after performing in thousands of different shows over the years… Thousands of towns, thousands of fans, thousands of issues… And this applies to nearly every experienced performer around the world… There are often so many stories that are left forgotten.

Join us in our new video documentary to remember all of our great and not so great times together, as we showcase everything that happens before and after showtime. Because no matter what happens… The Show Must Roll On.

Watch our very first “Show Must Roll On” video ever:


What is it?
The show must roll on is a video documentary exclusive on YouTube showcasing the life of action sports athletes.

Where is the show?
The shows we perform at and film at are all based on the show schedule of professional rider, Dustin Grice. Dustin has performed over the past 15 years for many different events all over the world, including the ASA High School Tour and Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus.

How can we organize a show in our local area?
Get in touch! Anything is possible! Contact Us

What if I have an event or brand that I’d like involved with The Show Must Roll On?
Get in touch! Contact Us

Who edits your videos?
Doug Griess is our lead editor. Brilliant creative editorial.

Who shoots your photos?
Aaron Belford is our go to photographer, incredible work & incredible person.

Producer & Filmer: Dustin Grice

Very active & spontaneous individual, lives for the daily excitement thrown into his world. Passion for bikes… Motorcycles, BMX, cycling to work, etc. The real world? 4 years at college, 5 years in IT at a high performance distribution company, 2 years instructing at a technical college. Also started a few businesses to keep him entertained. Professional Rider originally from Eden Prairie, MN who has deep roots in the BMX and Action Sports Community both locally and nationally, Dustin owns and operates The Factory 24 Hour Indoor Bike Park in Northeast Minneapolis, as well as organizes and produces the “Lil Pros Kids Tour” showcasing the youngest talent throughout the world. Dustin has 50,000 unique subscribers on his YouTube Channel, with more than 15 Million views of his videos. Dustin has performed in Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus, and has also been featured on the cover of BMX Plus! Magazine.

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Lead Editor: Doug Griess

Creative Editorial. Get Different. Story Teller.

Specialize in Audio/Video Creative Editing. Crafting together elements for Ad Agency TV Commercials, Business Branding / Marketing Videos, Social Media, Music Video & Movie Trailers. It’s all in the Storytelling.

When Doug was little he loved to draw. He was the family ‘artist’. In Junior High Doug loved taking pictures with the family polaroid. In high school he carved drawings into wood. Doug’s first job, working for his family’s restaurant, he delivered pizzas to the local TV Station, which lead to a summer TV job during college… inserting commercials into programming and helping the art department. (Ask Doug about his Elvis project.)
After college Doug assisted the top Cinematographer in Las Vegas, shooting TV Ads for the Casinos and an Election ad for up & coming Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Doug moved on to TV in the US Virgin Islands, creating Commercials and Station Image Videos. He got married and moved to New York State, refining his skills in a Post Production House environment.

Doug had three children and was halfway across the country, so he routinely made family videos for the relatives. Eventually Doug returned to the midwest, working at the top Post Production companies in Minneapolis. Editing projects for Prince, Subway, Best Buy, North Dakota Tourism, and a long list of other big budget creations.

But Doug always continued with his homegrown little masterpieces. Tinkering with ideas that have little money, but a lot of feeling. And now as an independent creator, he can help people across the full spectrum of ideas and budgets. If it has heart, Doug is in.

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Lead Photographer: Aaron Belford

Standing 5’12” tall, he has some scruff while he’s clean-shaven, three snowboards, two dogs, and way too many cameras for the likes of his wife. He was born in Minnesota close to his mother at early age, schooled at Minnehaha Academy and again too many secondary education institution’s for his wife’s liking.

Starting as a photographer’s assistant schlepping gear, loading bulk 120mm into medium format backs and packing vans to start his career. Growing in his skill and experience, he started shooting for himself. Eventually sending his emerging photography business aside to join the Marines at the outset of the war. After almost a decade of conflict, two wars and five duty stations, Aaron left the Marines having a skill set of delivering evocative imagery in the most extreme environments with speed and efficiency. Now he sets his sites on returning to commercial photography.

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