The Show Must Roll On

Documenting The Show Life of Action Sports Athletes

Around the entire world, action sports athletes are seen performing and doing what they love most, but what happens after the curtain closes? What happens behind the scenes? It may not always be as perfect & glorious as it may seem… Being on the road and away from home has many challenges most would never imagine. Join us in our new video documentary showcasing everything that happens before and after showtime, because no matter what happens… The Show Must Roll On.

New Episodes

LAST MINUTE SHOW!! Ambulance BEFORE a Double Backflip? Penn Cycle – The Show Must Roll On: Episode 3

What if someone asked you to do a BMX show TOMORROW? Everything from planning it and preparing for it… While ...
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JUMPING THE PIZZA MAN !! Show Practice Day & 3rd Person Cam – The Show Must Roll On: Episode 2

What if you were going to ride in a BMX show? How would you practice? Join us for a few ...
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The Show Must Roll On – Episode 1: Introduction to Our Show Life

Many of us have seen a BMX show, but what actually happens behind the scenes? How does a show even ...
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Checking in: Living under a ramp with Dustin Grice (Mobile Cribs Edition)

Check out my new pad, featuring special guests TwisterX15, Alex Hiltunen, & Jacob Walker. Hit us up: ...
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